Traditional Foods Abandoned Due to Unwarranted Cultural Fears

Traditional Foods Abandoned Due to Unwarranted Cultural Fears

Add This Ancient Food to Your Diet to Help Reverse the Trend

Traditional Foods Abandoned Due to Unwarranted Cultural Fears

Bugs are an ancient food that provides real animal protein with all nine essential amino acids. Billions of people enjoy edible insects as food. There are over two thousand insects considered food, and each one tastes different.

Here in the West, we consider bugs the food of the poor or to be consumed only as survival food. This is affecting the world in ways you may not be aware of.

We revere steak and revile bugs. We send this message around the world in our discussions, online, on TV, and in the movies. Our attitude is that bugs are the food of the poor or survival food. So, all over the world, people are abandoning their traditional foods so they can eat as we do. Steak has become an international status symbol.

It’s below us to consider bugs as food. Even though replacing meat with bugs can reduce pollution, deforestation, and the inhumane way we treat commercial livestock. Worthy goals, but overcoming the mental challenge of eating bugs is just too much, don’t you agree?

On top of insects being a real animal protein that include all nine essential amino acids, they’re a prebiotic fiber (nutrition for probiotics), very high in antioxidants, a perfect Omega 3:6 balance, high in B12, Calcium, Zinc, Iron, and more. Insects are also a very bio-available food source.

But, again, does any of this matter if they look gross.

Lobster and sushi were once considered gross, and we overcame those fears. Now both lobster and sushi are some of the most expensive foods.

Bugs taste good, they’re healthy, sustainable, and raised humanely. So, what‘s holding you back?

Chefs are The Answer!

To combat unwarranted cultural fears, vanguard chefs need to put insects on the menu.

Try Chapuline Tostados or Teriyaki Tenebrio, these grasshoppers and mealworms add a nice flavor while also supplying real animal protein along with very bio-available vitamins and minerals.

Culinary Grade Edible AntsThere’s no reason not to eat insects. As soon as chefs impress people with how delicious they can be, they will begin trending, and the world will take notice.

Make Edible Insects a Trend Here in the West and it will have a Positive Affect Worldwide.

Bugs are a low-cost protein source available to just about anyone anywhere. They can be grown at home on food waste. They can be grown in rural and urban environments. They’re raised humanely and can be a low-tech business.

Bugs as food is an essential factor in reducing meat consumption, thus reducing pollution, deforestation, and the inhumane treatment of commercial livestock.

Don’t Let Your Unwarranted Cultural Fear Stand in the Way!

Support the cause! Add cricket powder to your next batch of cookie dough and bake protein-packed cookies with prebiotic fiber. Chapuline Tacos are high in antioxidants and a fun way to get your B12. Sprinkle black ants on your salad to add a citrus punch and get a very bio-available dose of Zinc.

Kids Love to Eat Bugs

Kids Love to Cook with Bugs!

People enjoy edible insects once they give them a try. ‘Keep in mind, the toughest insect to eat is your first one. After that, you’ll surprise yourself when you start to think of insects as food. Tenebrio Pizza for dinner? It’ll sound delicious.

Serve a meal with bugs and watch the fun begin. You’ll see attitudes from one side of the spectrum to the other. One thing you can be sure of, your diners will talk about your meal. People love to post about and discuss their edible insect experience.

That’s why your bug dinner is more important than you may know. It’s precisely what the world needs today. We need people experiencing and talking about insects as food.

Insects as Food

This is personal to me.

When I was born, there were three billion people on our planet. By the time my kids retire, there will be nine. Food insecurity is a major cause of strife and war.

Edible Bugs - Population ChartIf we show the world that we accept and enjoy edible insects, it will promote a renewed interest in traditional foods using bugs.

The Greatest Culinary Challenge of Our Lifetime!

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Note: People who are allergic to shellfish may be allergic to bugs.