Cooking with Edible Insects

Chefs! Add This Ancient Food to the Menu & Positively Affect Food Security Issues Worldwide

Vanguard Chefs Can Make the World a Better Place

Vanguard Chefs Insects

Heady stuff, I know. I’m claiming that adding one type of food to your menu will make the world a better place. It will open up the minds of clients and begin them on a path of understanding because you engaged in the Greatest Culinary Challenge of our Lifetime!

Yes. For the sake of future generations, please begin this practice now while you have the opportunity to effect change in such a significant way. It’s not hard, and it’s kind of crazy. It’s real vanguard stuff.

For perspective, consider the fact that the human population on our planet took until the early 1800s to hit one billion. By the time I was born in 1960, there were three billion people on our planet. By the time my kids are my age, there will be nine billion people on our planet.

Edible Bugs - Population Chart

Food security is a significant issue today. It’s only going to get worse as our population grows. Food insecurity is a major cause of strife and war.

To support our growing population, we need an inexpensive high protein food source that’s available to anyone anywhere.

Cooking with Edible InsectsThis Food Source Exists.

This wholesome food source exists but our culture reviles it. Some people simply can not eat it no matter how hard they try. Yet, it’s a food billions of people around the world enjoy every day.

I’m talking about insects. I know, Gross!

Insects are super healthy, sustainable, and environmentally friendly.

The reason you don’t think of them as food is based upon unwarranted cultural fears.

Edible insects are a real animal protein that includes all nine essential amino acids; they’re a prebiotic fiber (nutrition for probiotics), very high in antioxidants, a perfect Omega 3:6 balance, high in B12, Calcium, Zinc, Iron, and more. Insects are also a very bio-available food source.

There’s no reason we should not include insects into our diets.

Except, of course… Insects look icky.

Therefore, very few Westerners are willing to try them. Those that do usually try a dry cricket or mealworm. It’s no wonder those that try insects do not care to try them again. They ate a bug, but they did not experience Entomophagy (definition: the practice of eating insects) as it deserves to be.

Chefs are the Answer!

Entomophagy Chefs

Chefs: Champion insects as food and compel positive change.

People all over the world enjoy insects as food. Our Southern neighbor, Mexico, enjoys over 200 different insects as food. Every one of them tastes different! What an opportunity for vanguard chefs!

As soon as Westerners start experiencing Tacos con Chapulines and Tenebrio Spring Rolls, attitudes will begin to change. These dishes, Grasshopper Tacos and Mealworm Spring Rolls taste great and are super healthy, offering real animal protein without using meat.

Insects are a real animal protein, so embracing insects as food means less meat. We all know about the inhumane and destructive way we commercially raise meat now. Insects can be raised humanely in urban or rural areas in people’s homes, on small farms, and by large industrial organizations.

Insects as food make sense.

Add insects to your menu because raising awareness here will have positive consequences worldwide.

We need to make Entomophagy a trend here in the West to support countries already practicing it.

Unfortunately, insect consumption is declining worldwide when it needs to be increasing. Younger generations want to eat what we eat.

Here in the West, we revere steak and revile insects. People around the world follow our lead, and they want to order steak as a sign of status. In countries were insects are food, their popularity is in decline due to our perceived view of insects as a survival food and the food of the poor. We need to reverse this and help promote insects as a valuable food source.

Adding insects to your menu will raise awareness and help make it a trend. As a trend here in the West, the world will follow, and this inexpensive high protein food source that can be grown in homes will become more popular.

I’m concerned about my children’s future, for so many reasons. Entomophagy is one step in the right direction we can take now. I’m determined to make it happen. So, please join me.

Become an Entomphagist by adding insects to the menu.

It’s good for us and it’s good for our planet. One way you can contribute to a better world.

It’s the Greatest Culinary Challenge of Our Lifetime!

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Eat More Bugs
Good for You | Good for Our Planet

Note: People who are allergic to shellfish may be allergic to bugs.